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Teaching Reform of Architectural Physics in China

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.035


Jiaxing Ma, Yinhui Wang, Xiaoyan Yang and Shuangjun Xing

Corresponding Author

Jiaxing Ma


Architectural physics is a fundamental and compulsory course in Chinese universities. With the development of architectural technologies and the improvement of requirements on environmental quality, new challenges have been encountered in architectural design. Thus, it is highly important for universities to continuously update and reform this course to meet the requirements of modern society. As an effort to analyze the architecture curriculum system, and further clarify the position of architectural physic, this paper discusses teaching reforms in terms of syllabus, aim, knowledge, method and evaluation. This paper also offers several recommendations, which can be used to guide the teaching reform of architectural physics. Students, therefore, can be better prepared for future jobs.


Architectural Physics; China; Civil Engineering; Teaching Reform