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Research on the Talent Training Model of Chinese International Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.033


Ping Jiang

Corresponding Author

Ping Jiang


From ancient times to the present, with the completion of hundreds of Confucius Institutes and the development of Confucius Classrooms, the atmosphere of the Chinese language teaching environment has become stronger and stronger. However, in today's rapid development, Chinese international education professionals are gradually showing a shortage, which is exactly how to build an effective talent training model. Excellent Chinese international education talents should have high quality and ability, but local universities still have problems in cultivating Chinese international education talents with unclear training goals and irrational training models. Local universities need to optimize their curriculum and improve teaching methods Then establish an efficient and reasonable talent training model, so as to cultivate outstanding Chinese international education talents that meet professional needs.


Chinese international education; professional talents; training concept