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Exploration on Professional Training Mode of Animation Major in Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.031


Weiwei Wu

Corresponding Author

Weiwei Wu


This research is carried out under the background of integration of industry & education and "Internet plus" of higher vocational education. It is specifically focused on some problems of domestic animation manufacture technology training mode, such as vague positioning, outdated training mode; inadequate curriculum system which cannot firmly support training goals, monotonous teaching methodology and weak quality education for students. The work has come up with a “Three Integrations and One Penetration professionals training mode”, which is close-knit integration of professional construction and school-run enterprises, teaching content and commercial project, the second classroom, and student community activities and through quality education of the whole process of professionals training. It has great practical significance to promote the reform of industry-education integration, school-enterprise cooperation professionals training mode, and comprehensively enhance students' employment competitiveness and development potential.


Higher Vocational Education; Animation Manufacture Technology; The Training Mode