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Exploration on the Path of Training and Education Study for the Nursing of Aged of China

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.030


Tao Wu

Corresponding Author

Tao Wu


The aging problem of China is getting more and more serious, especially the team construction of the nursing aide of aged is the top priority in all kinds of work. However, compared with its urgency, academic research on this realistic problem is still insufficient. This study is trying to optimize the nursing aide in aged training. It focuses on discussing how to design and plan a more ideal research path. It is the preliminary theoretical design and exploration stage of the future series of empirical studies. This study focuses on the analysis of the research background, summarizes the weak links of the nursing aide of aged training at present, and discusses the future research path. Based on the above points, the study method is determined, hoping to provide effective theoretical support for future empirical study.


Aged; Nursing aide of aged; Training and Education