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Course Reform and Practice of Linux Operating System Based on the Whole Process Case

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.027


Long Zhang, Yanjun Wang, Donghao Cai

Corresponding Author

Long Zhang


The Linux operating system application course belongs to the subject platform course, and it is a professional basic course of many majors. This course focuses on application, and the theory is not difficult, but it is completely different from the Windows operating system habits. There are many commands and parameters, which bring about student's memory obstacles and use obstacles. The focus of curriculum reform and the main issues to be addressed in this article is how can students better master this course and have a certain practical ability. This article has designed a typical case in practical work based on the whole process, decomposed the case into various knowledge points, and integrated it into the learning process of this course. The case runs through the entire learning process. After one year of reform and analysis, based on the classroom spot checks, homework, and analysis of the final exam teaching results, it can be found that the teaching effect and student learning enthusiasm have improved significantly.


Linux Operating System(Linux OS); Teaching Reform; Whole Process Case