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Research on the Implementation Measures of Yunnan’s Great Poverty Alleviation Strategy from the Perspective of Multi-center Collaborative Governance

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.023


Zhaorui Feng, Yejing Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhaorui Feng


Yunnan is located in the southwest frontier region. Due to historical and environmental factors, it is currently the region with the widest poverty and the deepest poverty among the 14 contiguous areas of special difficulties in China. It faces problems such as prominent infrastructure bottlenecks, insufficient basic public services, and slow development of specialty industries. In order to comprehensively win the battle against poverty, the aim of this study is to break through the traditional model, use big data and modernization methods, and find a way out of poverty that is suitable for Yunnan, compared with the single-center anti-poverty governance model that is traditionally monopolized by the government. Therefore, this article has extracted strategic synergy, organization synergy, policy synergy, social synergy, fund synergy, technology synergy, publicity synergy and assistance synergy for the poverty alleviation implemented by Yunnan through the visits to Yunnan Provincial Government and 12 prefectures under its jurisdiction, and policy text combing, interviews, observations, etc.


Poverty alleviation in Yunnan; Great Poverty Alleviation Strategy; Implementation highlights