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Practice and Application of Flipped Classroom Teaching Based on Micro Course in the Course of Motor and Drive Foundation

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.018


Weimin Chen, Hui Cai

Corresponding Author

Weimin Chen


With the advent of the "Internet +" era, the network resources of intelligent terminal learning equipment and various online top-quality courses have been widely applied, bringing revolutionary innovation to the new teaching mode and promoting the formation of the new normal "Internet + Teaching". In this new situation, traditional motor teaching cannot fully meet the needs of learners for knowledge. Combined with the characteristics of the course, this paper discusses the teaching reform methods, designs the flipped classroom teaching mode of "motor and drag" course, and applies the micro course teaching design to teaching practice, which greatly improves students' interest in learning, promotes students' active learning, urges students to think deeply about the knowledge they have learned, and produces good practical teaching effect.


Motor and Drive Foundation; Micro Course; Flipped Classroom; Teaching Practice