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Enlightenment from the Negative Influences of Exam-Oriented Education on Chinese High School Students: Backwash from Classroom to Child

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.012


Wei Xue

Corresponding Author

Wei Xue


Exam-oriented education has been formulated in China for decades, which objectively urged students, parents and teachers to attach importance to the course learning. However, more and more focusing on exams in education generates some negative influences. By applying interviews and questionnaires, the negative influences of exam-oriented education appear strikingly. For one aspect, people should not deny and complain about exam-oriented exam completely. On the other hand, teachers and educators should cast about more positive resolutions so as to maximize the quality of education on the base of maintaining exams as the main testing method in schools.


Negative influence; exam-oriented education; enlightenment