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Research on the Improvement and Cultivation of College Students' Academic Innovation Ability—Taking H University as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.011


Jianmin Feng, Shanzhi Chen

Corresponding Author

Jianmin Feng


It is of great significance to enhance the academic innovation ability of college students to promote the in-depth development of higher education. A questionnaire survey was conducted around the degree of emphasis on graduation thesis by students and universities, the source of topics, and the embodiment of their own academic ability. Students have weak awareness of discovery, lack of innovative thinking, topic selection divorced from reality, and lack of communication and discussion with tutors and students in the process of writing a graduation thesis. It is suggested to cultivate students' innovative thinking, improve their "quality awareness" of graduation thesis, build a scientific research training platform, train students' academic writing ability through multiple channels, and enhance their academic innovation ability in collaboration to ensure the quality of graduation thesis.


College Students; Undergraduate Thesis; Academic Writing; Innovative Ability