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Affecting factors and Optimization Strategies of Cross-border Marketing of Commercial Banks

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.010


Xuehong Zhao, Lin Li

Corresponding Author

Xuehong Zhao


With the rapid development of the Internet and the mutual integration of industries, cross-border marketing has been more and more widely used. Cross-border marketing interprets the marketing behavior of brands and customer characteristics from different angles, realizing the shift from product-orientated mode to customer-orientated mode. This work first discussed how commercial banks conduct cross-border marketing, then it figured out factors influencing cross-border marketing from aspects of consumer groups, brand fit, scenario design and strategic matching based on analyzing the advantages of cross-border marketing. Finally, it proposed cross-border marketing strategies for commercial banks in terms of emotional resonance and brand fit, innovation and cross-border scenarios, targeted marketing, and resource integration.


Commercial bank; Cross-border marketing; Strategy