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The Reform and Practice of the Teaching Model about the Postgraduates Course of “Introduction to Modern Environmental Science”

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.009


Xiangyang Wu, Zhixiang Han, Yonglai Xue, Zhen Zhang, Ping Huang, Hui Xu and Qingjie Xie

Corresponding Author

Xiangyang Wu


“Introduction to Modern Environmental Science” is a core degree course for environmental science postgraduates at Jiangsu University. Based on the concept of cultivating innovative talents and the demand for knowledge and ability of postgraduates of this major, the reform and practice of the teaching model about the postgraduates course of "Introduction to Modern Environmental Science" were carried out. Through several years of efforts, a new theory teaching content system was constructed, various teaching methods were introduced, a comprehensive assessment method of students’ learning was employed, and a teaching team with reasonable age and knowledge structure was built up.


Environmental Science; Introduction to Modern Environmental Science; Teaching Reform and Practice; Teaching Content System