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Construction and Practice of Graduate Course of Advanced Data Structure

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.003


Xiaojing Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiaojing Liu


Advanced data structure course is the natural extension and specific application of the knowledge in the basic course of program design. In the course teaching, the course group uses MOOC classroom to realize the flipped classroom, so as to improve students' comprehensive ability. Through the OJ platform to strengthen the practice, the course group improves the programming ability of students. The course group improves students' research ability and innovation ability through subject competition. Through this kind of mixed teaching reform, the course group can guide students to change from "I want to learn" to "I want to learn", let students participate in all aspects of teaching, realize the real "I am the master of learning", and also stimulate students' innovation ability.


Advanced Data Structure; Flipped Classroom; Innovation Ability