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Research on the Teaching Mode and Strategy in the Construction of the First-Class Major of Mining Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/ic3er.2019.002


Sen Wang, zhiyuan Wang, Jinping Guo, Xianzhong Bu, Yanmin Wei, Jie Bai

Corresponding Author

Xianzhong Bu


In order to implement the new educational concepts and teaching methods into the development of mining engineering, promote the construction of first-class majors, and cultivate outstanding undergraduate graduates with the ability to solve practical problems in complex engineering, the work combines teaching theory with teaching practice, analyzes the integration of information technology and higher education and the construction of first-class professional courses with mass online open courses as the core, the diversified development of flipped classroom and other teaching modes. It affirms the important role of blended teaching in the process of improving the quality of higher education, the blended teaching mode and strategy of mining engineering specialty are put forward, and it is expected to provide suggestions for the development of mining engineering.


Mining engineering; Quality of university education; The future of Higher Education; Blended teaching; Virtual simulation