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Research on Data Communication Security and Its Optimization Technology Based on Sensor Network

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DOI: 10.25236/ICICTA.2019.020


Zhimin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhimin Zhang


as the Constant Improvement of the Economic Level of China, the Communication Technology of China Has Also Been Greatly Developed, Especially the Wireless Sensor Network Technology Has Been Effectively Improved and Perfected. At Present, the Application Direction of the Sensor Mainly Includes the Monitoring of Environmental Conditions, the Monitoring of Physical Health, the Measurement of Atmospheric Parameters, the Control of Temperature, and So on. Compared with the Traditional Sensor Equipment, Wireless Sensor Has Significant Advantages in Portability, Power Consumption and Cost, and is an Important Carrier to Complete the Task of Data Transmission among the Network Nodes. However, in the Process of Wide Application of Wireless Sensors, the Security Problem of It is Also a Very Important Issue. Therefore, This Paper First Introduces and Analyzes the Structures of Commonly Used Wireless Sensor, and Then Discusses the Method of How to Realize Secure Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Network.


Sensor Network; Data Communication; Security