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Research on the Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Sports Competition

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DOI: 10.25236/ICICTA.2019.018


Zhang Jie

Corresponding Author

Zhang Jie


This Paper Takes Table Tennis Match and Robot Soccer as an Example. in the Technical Evaluation Index System and the Tactics of Table Tennis Match. the Decision Tree Thinning Process and the Attribute Reduction Result of the rough Set Are the Diagnostic Strategies of the Table Tennis Match, and the Improved Ann Technology and the Tactical Diagnosis Method Are Studied. the Results Show That the Results of Neural Networks and Decision Tree Methods Are More Stable. Robot Soccer is a Typical Intelligent System. It Provides a Standard Experimental Platform for the Theoretical Research and Model Test of Intelligent Systems. the Football Coaches in the Actual Decision-Making System, Directly Affects the Success of the Games, Which Can Reflect the Intelligent Level of the Robot Soccer System, Has Important Theoretical Significance and Practical Value to Deeply Study on the System of Strategy. Finally, the Experimental Results Are Summarized, and the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Algorithm Are Analyzed.


Artificial Intelligence; Application Research; Sports Competition; Table Tennis Match; Robot Soccer Match