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Research on the Business Integration Method of Township Power Supply Sta-tions by Considering the New Business and Cluster Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/ICICTA.2019.015


Dexiang Jia, Guang Chen, Yuan Xiao, Fen Lin

Corresponding Author

Dexiang Jia


Township power supply stations are often confronted with the problem of "more indicators, fewer personnel and weak informatization ability". The current research on business integration model is not suitable for the business demand and development direction of township power supply station under the new situation. a new business and cluster analysis method is proposed for the business integration of township power supply stations, considering the business demand, the constraints of the number and structural of township power supply stations’ employees, and the business integration scheme of typical township power supply stations is given. The case study shows the rationality of the proposed method.


Business demand; Business integration; Township power supply stations; Cluster analysis