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Propagation Characteristics of Vortex Light

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DOI: 10.25236/ICICTA.2019.012


Changquan Xia, Xingyue Zhao and Jingrong Zhu

Corresponding Author

Changquan Xia


Spiral beam of light is angled class such as phase vortex, with orbital angular momentum, the beam center for diffraction phase singularity secretly empty structures, because each photon of light beam is orbital angular momentum, can use this feature to realize to control the micro particles, avoids because of the traditional operating mode of particle damage, this technique is known as the "optical spanner.At the same time, the orthogonality of vortex light with different topological charges can be used to realize the multiplexing technology of optical communication and improve the transmission capacity of optical communication.In order to study the transmission characteristics of vortex light, the FDTD finite-difference time-domain method is used to analyze the most common laguerre gaussian beams, and the mathematical modeling and theoretical simulation are carried out on them.


Vortex Light; Wavefront Phase; Laguerre Gaussian Beam; Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method; Orbital Angular Momentum; Transmission Characteristics