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On the Intervention of Virtual Reality Technology in Sports for the Disabled

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DOI: 10.25236/ICICTA.2019.008


Liying Duan, Shengtao Wang, Zhongyuan Yin and Zhu Li

Corresponding Author

Liying Duan


Virtual Reality (VR) technology is a computer "simulated" system that creates and experiences virtual worlds. It is a kind of "fictitious" simulated environment generated by computer. It is also a three-dimensional dynamic scene that uses multi-source information fusion and corresponding interaction, and a kind of simulated system which combines with entity behavior. In the specific application process, users can be immersed in the "relatively real" environment. VR technology has been widely used in the fields of medical treatment, engineering construction, and interior decoration, but it is only conducting small-scale research and trial use in the field of sports. The author explores the possibility and importance of VR technology in the intervention in the sports for the disabled to provide some intellectual support for the development of the sports for the disabled in the future.


VR technology; Intervention; Sports for the disabled