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Constructing a Cloud Platform of Employment Network Information in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/ICICTA.2019.006


Shaohua Shi

Corresponding Author

Shaohua Shi


At present, there isn’t a unified information platform that can provide college students in our country with comprehensive employment information, which makes colleges and universities of different places fail to share information resources with each other, so they are fighting independently because of the impassable communicative channel. This situation is to the disadvantage of students’ successful employments and companies are difficult to find proper talent. For reasons above, a cloud service platform which provides college students with employment information should be constructed. Through applying information technology, fully excavating network techniques and using high-quality information resources, it can be a platform for millions of recruitment information to be released, collected and managed. Meanwhile, it can offer information service to graduates of different groups. To realize full employment is one of the important overall goals of a country’s economic development because a high unemployment rate not only means low resident income, it also leads to many social unstable factors. However, the problem of employment can be solved by colleges and universities where professional students are cultivated only if the local government and colleges as well as the graduates themselves should attach great importance to employment. They can take some efficient measures to solve the problem, or fundamentally relieve the grim employment situation with some methods and approaches as this matters national and social stability. As a result, how to solve employment difficulties of college graduates is an important and urgent issue that employment work in colleges is faced with, so in practice, colleges should do this in detail, start from the view of serving students, and adhere to humanization principles. Meanwhile, according to changing social reality, a new operating mode and approach to college students’ employment should be explored actively to provide powerful guarantee for college students.


Employment; Network Information and Cloud Platforms