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PHM Architecture of Naval Gun Weapon System Based on the Data Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/ICICTA.2019.002


Zhansheng Shen, Jinjun Li and Lei Wang

Corresponding Author

Zhansheng Shen


In view of the deficiencies in the reactive maintenance and preventive maintenance methods of naval gun systems, research on Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Architecture based on data analysis,the architecture and function modules of PHM system are proposed. It is composed of functional modules and key technologies analysis involved, aiming to improve the whole life cycle health management capabilities of naval gun systems, which can be used by relevant research and decision makers. With the rapid development of information technology and weapons technology, modern naval gun weapon systems have become increasingly complex with greatly increased of comprehensive performance at the same time. Modern naval gun weapon system is composed of naval gun and fire control system, including of a large number of mechanical components and electronic components, which is hard to avoid malfunction with its health status changing constantly, due to the use fixed number of year, environmental conditions, production quality, usage, use frequency, engine parts aging, fatigue, shock, vibration, electromagnetic interference, etc.. Prediction of equipment failure and health management can carry out the state of the equipment analysis, forecasting and early warning, which provides a scientific basis for equipment training and maintenance, improving equipment reliability and safety, ensuring the good combat readiness of naval gun weapon system with “fighting at any time”、 “start shooting”、“continuous firing”、“good shooting”. Based on the requirements of predicting maintenance, Prognostics and health management (PHM) architecture of naval gun weapon system was presented to solve the problems of predetermined maintenance and preventive maintenance based on data analysis.


Naval Gun Weapon System; Data Analysis; PHM