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Design of OTA Contaminated Feed Screener Based on Light Intensity Sensor

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DOI: 10.25236/ICICTA.2019.001


Zhengkun Pan

Corresponding Author

Zhengkun Pan


OTA is one of the major pollutants in grain and agricultural products. The key to preventing ochratoxin poisoning in livestock and poultry is to prevent feed containing OTA from being eaten by them. The availability of OTA contamination in feed is helpful to the development of the aquaculture. This paper is based on the fluorescence characteristics and mechanism of OTA, and ultraviolet LED is used as the excitation light source. It uses light intensity sensor to collect fluorescence signal and convert photoelectric signal, and uses single-chip microcomputer to control and designs OTA contaminated feed screener. The screener is made into a rod, which is quite easy to insert into the feed pile for detection, and can make qualitative screening of AFT in the feed quickly on the spot.


OTA; Ultraviolet LED; Light intensity sensor; Single-chip microcomputer