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Research Status of Corporate Finance Theory in China

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2017.51


Yang Yuan

Corresponding Author

Yang Yuan


With the development of Chinese economy, the application of western financial theory in China is also increasing. Western classical company financial theory is the premise of the use of a complete rational market, and Chinese capital market and corporate governance structure is still very imperfect, so simply copy the Western financial theory to study Chinese corporate finance, the results are often untrustworthy. This paper first summarizes the development process of western classical financial theory and points out the prerequisite of its research. Then it reviews the actual situation of corporate finance research in China, and points out the theoretical premise of western company finance and the governance of listed companies in China. The structure of the existing differences between the status quo, the final description of corporate finance in China, we must pay attention to our company's unique governance structure and the effectiveness of capital markets.


Corporate Finance, Economy Theory, Research Status.