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Research on Social Responsibility and Credit Risk Control of Financial Institutions from the Perspective of Supply - side Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2017.48


Gong Chao

Corresponding Author

Gong Chao


In the face of the economy into the new normal, slow growth situation, exports, investment, consumption as Chinese economic development, "troika" demand-pull model has been unable to continue. This shows that Chinese economic problems are no longer short-term, cyclical demand stimulus, but long-term, structural supply pull problem. While promoting the reform in various fields, it should also carry out the structural reform of the supply side, rationally allocate the elements, expand the effective supply, and better meet the market demand and bear more social responsibility. Credit risk is one of the most important risks faced by current financial institutions. The level of management is not only affecting the bank's own business results, but also the internal risks of systemic financial risks. Therefore, financial institutions must strengthen credit risk management and improve credit risk prevention.


Social Responsibility, Credit Risk, Financial Institutions.