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Evaluation of Regional Agricultural Circular Economy Development Based on BPEIR Concept Model

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2017.41


Guozhen Sun

Corresponding Author

Guozhen Sun


Since the reform and opening up, China's economic growth is very rapid, but the extensive mode of high input, high energy consumption and high pollution growth exacerbated the country's lack of resources, environmental pollution and ecological damage rate, population growth, resource scarcity, ecological damage is becoming the three fundamental problems restricting China's modern agriculture development. The introduction of agricultural circular economy development theory into the development of modern agriculture has become the consensus of the national level and the community. This study takes the agricultural area of Huang Huai plain in our country as the research object, and uses BPEIR model and Delphi method to give a comprehensive evaluation of the development of agricultural circular economy in this region, and puts forward relevant development proposals.


Agricultural Circular Economy, BPEIR Model, Delphi Method.