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Study on the Analytical Method of Professional Monitoring Data of Urban Dangerous Building Safety

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2017.29


Yuanmao Lin

Corresponding Author

Yuanmao Lin


The urban economic development and the overall demand of urban planning cannot be completely dismantled for all the dangerous houses in the central area of the city. In this paper, according to the standards as " the standard of dangerous building appraisal ", "code for deformation measurement of building and structure" and "standard for appraisal of reliability of civil building" and so on, long-term deformation monitoring of buildings ,which observe used, and use after treatment, and have been stopped before the overall demolition , to get the data of monitoring , then analyze and process it to get the building changes, and provide basis for decision-making for the government's disposal of dangerous building.


Deformation Monitoring, Analysis of Data.