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A Comparative Study on Tourist Behaviors between Hainan and Taiwan University Students—Taking the University Students in Sanya and Taipei as Examples

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2017.27


Yi Sheng, Yuanli Chen

Corresponding Author

Yi Sheng


College students are a large number of groups, and as part of the tourism market segmentation, college students' tourism behavior has its own characteristics. With the deepening of cross-strait exchanges, the exchange between college students has become an important part of cross-strait exchanges. Based on the data and information collected by the questionnaire, this paper compares the similarities of tourism behavior characteristics between Taiwan and Hainan University students, based on the relevant contents of field investigation and literature research, Differences and the influencing factors, and put forward the proposal of developing the tourism market of college students in order to further promote cross-strait cooperation and exchange.


Hainan, Taiwan, college students, tourism behavior, comparative study.