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Study on Marketing Strategy Model of City Brand in Internet + Era

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2017.21


Zhao Kai, Tan Bei

Corresponding Author

Zhao Kai


The trend of world economic integration is becoming more and more intensified, and the competition among cities and even between countries is becoming increasingly fierce. As a regional exclusive public goods, urban brands can show the charm of the region in a concentrated manner. It helps the city to accumulate competitive advantages under the regional competitive environment. It is the focus of painstaking efforts by local governments. The traditional city brand marketing in efficiency, timeliness cannot meet the requirements of the new era. This work puts forward the popularization of universal access under the environment of Internet + and the new normal of current economic development as a new opportunity for brand marketing in local cities. Under the premise of having a good historical and current status basis and defining the orientation of urban development, with a series of new initiatives can be carried out efficiently.


City Brand, Marketing Strategy ModelInternet +, New initiatives.