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Analysis of the Impact of Education Poverty Alleviation on Economic Growth in Shaanxi Province

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DOI: 10.25236/busem.2017.20


Yaru Liu

Corresponding Author

Yaru Liu


At present, the level of economic development in poverty-stricken areas in our country is low, and at the same time the material development is relatively backward. It is hard to achieve people's rich living standards and spiritual and cultural standards. In order to change this phenomenon, we must start from the education poverty alleviation, improve the basic quality of the population in poor areas from education, and at the same time we must realize the economic development of the poor through education and poverty alleviation. To develop education is fundamental to changing the current situation in impoverished areas. Therefore, if we want to improve the productivity of impoverished areas, we must start from changing the mode of education. Based on the situation of poverty alleviation education in poverty-stricken areas in Shaanxi Province, this paper studies the theory of poverty and poverty alleviation education, and uses the research methods of dialectical analysis, empirical research and literature data to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation education. At the same time, it analyzes and summarizes the promotion effect of poverty alleviation education in Shaanxi Province on economic development, concludes that the province has made a very effective attempt in poverty alleviation education and finally has a good deterrent effect on the poverty situation, Households have been given the opportunity to get out of poverty.


Shaanxi Province, Education Poverty Alleviation, Economic Growth, Population Comprehensive Quality.